Sacred Law School Germany

We are very excited to announce that we will be continuing the Sacred Law School program in Germany, May 18-May 25, 2018. May 17 is reserved for Book of Life readings, if needed. We are fortunate to have The Dreamers Lodge as our home again. We had a wonderful time last year!  A reminder: the teaching days will be conducted primarily in English but German is also spoken!

Our week long adventure will begin May 18 at dinner time (please arrive late afternoon) and conclude on May 25 by 3pm. In the middle of our time together, we will have a day of integration, play and relaxation on Monday May 22nd where we are free to visit surrounding villages (Rothenburg ob der Tauber is very close and it is a sweet little medieval town), the local spa,  or just relax and work the teachings at our pace, play music, talk with friends….


During our week together in this third year we will explore the South Sacred Laws:

1) The Third Universal Law- Do Nothing to Harm the Children

2) The Third Magickal Law of Absolute Non-Linearity

3) The Third Ecological Balance Law- The Law of Science­-Alchemical Transfer of Life through Death

This week-long retreat will provide adventure into your own truth, a seeking of your natural self and an exploration of your role and give-away to the collective. We will also learn how to give restitution at a deeper level, both to ourselves and to life, so that we can maintain a more integrated balance. We will learn how to break negative cycles and instill greater positive patterns and habits as a natural way of being, learning to listen to and nourish our child shields so that we can be happy and creative  and inspired to learn and grow – as we are meant to be!

In the middle of the week we have scheduled a ‘play day’. This day is designed so that you have the luxury of time and space to be with the knowledge and experiences gathered so far. During this integration you have the opportunity to be by yourself in thoughtful contemplation, engage playfully with a group of peers or embark on an exploration of a nearby village or spa.

One of the most precious and wonderful aspects of Sacred Law School is that all levels of expertise and familiarity are welcome – everyone from first time toe-dippers and non-apprentices to advanced Sacred Pipe Carriers study and learn together. This makes a wonderful mix and some really interesting discussions and questions!

Our time together is residential and all meals will be provided, including vegetables grown by our landlady!