Sacred Law School Toronto

April 19-21, 2019 in Toronto City

We will be studying the First Ecological Balance Law: The Half-Life Law of Energized Matter. This is an exciting Law and it provides a really basic foundational teaching to many concepts we use in our gateway process. This Law is especially pertinent and applies directly to the Healing Paradigm of our path. This Law also helps us manage our energy choices and expenditures. If you ever lost energy trying to finish something up and need to re-pattern that tendency, this is the Law for you!

We will be learning about how the East She Thought of Creative Originality works with the healing paradigm and how the Teachers of Rage and Raw Power are utilized in all five aspects.

As always, we will be making many practical connections to aligning with this Law in our everyday life! This will include a discussion of radioactive half-lives as well as a discussion of significant toushilahey lifetimes

The weekend will include Pipe ceremony, teachings, small group workings, dinner together Saturday night, group ceremony, illuminations, laughter and family!

Gather Friday 6pm – 10pm-ish Bring Pipe
Gather Saturday 10am – 10pm-ish including dinner
Gather Sunday 10am – 4pm-ish including clean up

Bring Pipe, notebook, snacks, drinks, comfy chair, blanket and an ‘empty cup’ mind.

To register please contact Barbara Brachi at

 A personal note: Hey Folks

It’s almost Sacred Law School time again and we are really looking forward to the Spring weekend with you in Toronto! There will be daffodils for sure J

Our weekend will be jam packed full of pleasure and knowledge, focused on how we can better utilize our energy. We will be connecting to the Half Life Law and ways to generate orende, stay healthy in the East with our spirits soaring, by staying focused on what attracts us. We are going to shine some of that Spring Easter light energy on dark corners so we can shine more brightly ourselves. We are going to look at ways our communications break down and what we can do about it- these are amazing teachings that will restore love and balance to partnerships with loved ones and  co-workers. Our weekend will be a mixture of teachings, discussion, camaraderie and community and of course ceremony- all presented with male/female balance. We are so blessed to have each other and such nice alchemically strong spaces to gather together in support and like-mindedness. See you soon! Please register quickly and help make our life flow easier too! J

November 22-24 in Toronto City

We will begin our year’s study of the West Laws with the Second Universal Law of All Things are Born of Woman and Sparked by Man.

This is an important foundational Law, used for every Pipe ceremony and all day every day in your life. This Law is rich in its potential for healing womb resentment, gender issues (internal and external) and just in the basic understanding of how to honor differences while recognizing commonalities. This law explores the god/goddess archetypes and the sisterhood and brotherhood concepts. The weekend is highlighted by the incredible ceremony of The Jaguar Dance, an opportunity to manifest unity of genders inside your being.

There is lots of pleasure and knowledge on offer in studying this Law! We have planned a packed weekend of teachings, ceremony, group work, family feeling and personal transformation.



We are pleased to offer the second workshop on April 20-22, 2018 that will cover the First Magickal Law of Absolute Non-Nothingness.

During this weekend, we will take a close look at the First Magickal Law that sits in the East: The Law of Absolute Non-Nothingness

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This Law is an interesting and truly heyokah law! Everything birthed form Nothing but Nothing does not exist! Tantalizing, isn’t it?

This Law honors the Void, the womb of WahKhan, the Cauldron of Cerridwen and the Pregnant Void or the Sskuan-seeded sparked and sparkling Void.

Non-nothingness is a concept that allows us to understand that even in “nothing” there is the potential for “everything.” This Law, therefore, speaks to our connection with everything around us. There really is no “nothing”, just as there is no true disconnection. The only thing that could be called “nothing”, or disconnected, is the human inability to discern the connection. All forms of all things have the potential for all forms of everything.

In this marvelous weekend, we will be reinforcing our connections to the elements, the worlds and ourselves in new and interesting ways, using our heightened awareness. We will be working on concepts of self and the total re-creation of ourselves using the First Value of Artistic Originality.

We will also work on developing the First Larien of Communication which is governed by this law- stretching our Larien through more effective communication first with ourselves, then with the worlds, and finally and most delicately other humans! We have tools that can change even the most challenging of relationships. This law helps us find our own center and stay there – even as the Everything swirls around us. Lots of teaching, fun, camaraderie, laughter and transformation on offer here! Please join us for a weekend of learning, sharing, growing and more.