About Us

Claudia van Corva earned her PhD in chemistry at the California Institute of Technology and is a retired professor of environmental science, chemistry and critical thinking in California.
In conjunction with her training in western science, she has also studied the Twisted Hairs shamanic tradition for many years and is a gifted workshop leader trained in ceremonial transformation.
Claudia marries these two disciplines with great skill and humor, translating complex scientific thought into everyday language and making shamanic thought applicable to the everyday world.

Joerg van Corva is a master in philosophy with a specialization in metaphysics He has studied the Twisted Hairs tradition for many years and has a great joy in teaching and learning. His approach to personal transformation is incisive, fun and deeply impactful. Joerg brings with him a mastery of difficult conceptual knowledge and a love for life. His clarity of mind and strength of heart make him an excellent teacher and a man of substance.

Together they make a great team with balanced male and female energies. Their honesty and willingness to share with intimacy create an environment that is safe, full of laughter and also transformative.