“I discovered a part of myself, of my beauty, of which I would not have dared to dream that that’s me, too. Furthermore, through Sacred Law School I started to really understand and accept that even a micro-step is worthy, worth being honored – that’s empowering! And it is empowering, enriching and fun(!) to study and use one’s brains together. Discovering the truth and beauty of Sacred Laws in other ranges, on other paths of my life gives real joy and a sense of authenticity.”

Heike, Germany

“Sacred Law School is the most fun I’ve had while going deeply into ceremony and the SMSD teachings. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking personal evolution and greater harmony within the self and the Universe. The teachers clearly love the material they present, as is evident in their enthusiasm and passion. The program provided me with all the tools and inspiration I needed to begin my career as a public defender of Sacred Law.”

Kenton Hulme, Esq., CA, USA

“I have attended many SLS’s over the years and each one has provided me with the tools for growth and a better understanding of who I am. They are also so much fun!”

Edward Guzman, USA

“I participated in Sacred Law School week-long event last year in Germany. The teachings were quite intellectual, but as a whole together with ceremonies and human contacts, I had a giving week. However, the profound impact showed up in my everyday life later. I simply did not fit into my old life. And that was really great!”

Biologist J. Hansen, Sweden

“To explore and walk the immense space of the Sacred Laws with teachings and ceremonies guided by such heartful, humorous and knowledgeable teachers touched my life deeply! Not to forget, the handouts, the books and the carefully selected photos of the power-point presentation, to have the resource to remember and actualize this working knowledge. Thank you, for 10 years of Sacred Law School! And for that you hold this preciousness available for all who want to know.”

Petra, Yoga teacher, Germany

“The Sacred Law teachings stimulate the mind with fresh observation of the world and nature at large, and hone in on concrete ways to apply the principles behind the observation in my own day to day life. I enjoy exploring and deepening my relationship to nature and Great Spirit with a group of seekers that are self-aware, eager to learn and grow, and enjoy sharing their knowledge that works with me. I always get new “a-has!” which keeps me coming back for more truth.”

Ana, Software Engineer, USA

“Sacred Law School has shown me how much more I can learn. The easiness of the week-long retreats has brought me pleasure, studying such treasured teachings. I am blessed by the transformations and gifts that I have received from the ceremonies. The sense of achievement in having completed a 10 year cycle of Sacred Law School workshops inspires me to go for more. I am grateful to Claudia and Joerg for the continuation of these workshops and for making such magickal teachings accessible to all.”

Dr. Alison Wallace (General Practitioner), UK

“Im Einklang mit den Heiligen Gesetzen leben bedeutet fuer mich den Himmel auf Erden bringen/leben. Konkret, einfach, lernend, neugierig, offenen Herzens dieses komplexe Wissen empfangen. Es bedeutet Fuelle, Freude, Dankbarkeit, Verbindung und Intimitaet leben mit Allem was ist, nicht irgendwann, sondern jetzt und jetzt und jetzt. Die Melodie wahrnehmen, die in allen Welten, Wesenheiten und Menschen schwingt, beruehren und mich beruehren lassen von der Einzigartigkeit eines Jeden im miteinander schwingenden Ganzen.”

Gertraud Winged Sunset Rose Gamberoni, Italy

“Sacred Laws School has been a wonderful opportunity for me to really deepen my understanding and experience of the Medicine Teachings. They are a great example of Learning through Pleasure. They make the Laws real and down to Earth.”

J. S., Psychotherapist and Counsellor, UK

“All the Sacred Law Schools I attended were life-affirming & uplifting. After my life partner’s death, it was so good to be in their Sacred Space. – healing and comforting. We laughed, we talked, we cried, we played in the snow. I do recommend the Sacred Law School as a healing & fun time.”

Dr. E. J. Wilkie, Durham,UK